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Motorhome Ventures owner's family

Monty has always wanted to be a business owner, and also loves the outdoors and traveling on long vacations to new places. The idea of an RV rental business was first introduced to him when he rented an RV in 2012 from an Iowa family so that he and his wife and kids could visit his extended family on farms in rural Iowa. It was a preacher's side business and the trip to the farms and Mississippi river was a memorable one! The idea was further cemented while returning to Austin still strapped into a seat after a day's long drive, watching all the RV parks and dealerships go by and thinking: "there's a better way to do this!" That was the last small car 12-hour drive he put his family through. Now, don't you want to offer your family a better way to vacation?

Why choose Us.

We are just like you. We want to enjoy the outdoors and travel. We are a family of five in Northwest Austin that enjoys adventure and traveling in comfort.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to provide a great start to your trip on the road. We want to make sure you are comfortable with the RV and that all of your questions are answered.

What we Do.

We like being outside in nature but we also like the comfort of home. The Leprechaun is fully stocked and feels a lot like home. Our check-out process will ensure that you are comfortable with every aspect of renting an RV.

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